Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry for the delay!!! We are home and have been home since Sept. 5th. We had a Sept. 1st embassy date and got home the 5th. What a great time in ET. We traveled with our friends the Hopkins and enjoyed a little of Italy on the way there. The time in country was wonderful. Our kids and Hopkins kids are best friends. We are making sure they stay connected even being 2 hours away. We named the kids Gabe and Max. Very easy to say and write . They started school a week after we got back. They love to learn. Sydney, Taylor and Garrett are doing a great job as big brothers and sister. Sydney got to travel with us. She was a real trooper....didn't even whine when it was 100 degrees in Rome and we were pulling our suit cases over cobblestone side walks etc. :) I will try to post more later. Very busy these days":)

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